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Interesting facts about Madagascar island that you may not know

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. Its capital city is Antananarivo. Madagascar is situated in the southwestern of Indian Ocean and is separated from the African Coast by the Mozambique channel which is 250- mile (400km) wide.

There are Volcanic lakes on the island such as Lake Itasy. Near the Coast south of Toliara is saline water called Lake Tsimanampetsotsa which has no outlet.

The hot wet season is experienced from November to April and drier season is experienced from May to October. The coolest month is July while December being the hottest month. The temperatures are highest on the Northwest coast and lowest on the plateau.

Prairie grasses and bamboo or small thin trees cover about seven-eighths of the island. In the coasts, there are presence of palms, screw pines and reeds. There are gianti cacti, paschpodium succulents and dwarf baobab trees in the arid south of the island.

Malagasy is more than nine - tenths of the population having 20 ethnic groups. The dorminant people are the Merina people and the word Merina means Elevated people and it came from the fact that they lived on the plateau.

The National language of Madagascar is Malagasy which is spoken by most people. French is used as medium of instruction especially in the upper grade levels so as Malagasy. English is spoken there and Comorian is spoken by the immigrants from Comoros.

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