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Know The Importance Of The Shinning Silver Balls On Top Of Roofs

The shinning silver balls on top of roofs are commonly known as whirlybirds or turbine vents. They are found in busy companies or godowns and are the most economical type of ventilation system because they are designed to be rotated by wind. Whirlybirds control the temperature in any room by removing hot and damp hair from the room.

Whirlybirds roof ventilator consist of a metal top that is engineered to scoop the wind with fins and when the wind blows the vent rotates. It less costly, easily installed and you can get it in Kenya at around Ksh 13500.

The whirlybirds are very important in a busy factory or industry because they help in removing bad odors from a room and improve the air quality. They also help in removing excess heat and minimize mould growth. Lastly, they help reduce the air conditioning and heating cost because they operate freely.

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Kenya Ksh Whirlybirds


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