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World's Famous Motivational Speakers With Their Beautiful Families

Due to the current situation in the world,so many people live in depression due to loss of jobs, family and friends while others are struggling in abusive relationships that they end up commiting suicide as a way of easing the pain that they experience. As a result,a certain group of people came into the media to calm down the worrying situation in form of motivational speakers.

The two motivational speakers who have become known for sharing words of wisdom with the world are Dhar Mann and Jay Shetty who are of Indian origin.

Dhar Mann is a motivational speaker and also the CEO of Dhar Mann studios,a company that composes short clip videos addressing different situations with a mission of changing lives across the world and posting them on his social media platforms where he has millions of followers. He has a beautiful family with two daughters and a wife, Laura.Jay Shetty is former monk who left the monk world so that he can share wisdom with people around the world. He does motivation videos and also podcasts where he hosts different personalities who share their life experiences. He has a wife,Radhi Devukia but they have no children at the moment. The two launched their product in the market called the sama tea which is basically tea with the Indian origin. Below are some of their photos.

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Dhar Mann Laura.Jay Shetty Radhi Devukia


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