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JUST IN:A Man Turns Old School Bus Into A House Take A Look Inside

Tired of paying so much monthly rent, Michael Talley decided he needed to make a big change. He bought an old school bus for very little money.

This was Michael's next project and it didn't turn out as he had hoped, probably because Michael was never a skilled craftsman. Despite the vicissitudes of the new project, Michael's ambitions finally pay off. This is Michael Talley's fascinating journey; the man who turned an old school bus into a small mansion.

"I ended up choosing a school bus because I thought, 'Hey, there's four walls and a roof.'" At first, Michael thought the project would be so simple that all he really had to do was install the tree and pears.

However, converting a school bus into a fully functional home has proven to be much more difficult. Although Michael had the idea of ​​a light bulb in mind when he realized that a school bus could make the perfect structure, he had no idea how much effort would be required to build his perfect school bus house. Michael lives in North Austin, Texas. He's tired of paying $1,200 a month for his tiny studio apartment.

He knew he had to find a more reasonable alternative because the rent was becoming a joke. After noticing a new trend in mobile homes, he decided to take the plunge and join the exciting new minimalist movement. Michael knew he wanted to save a lot of money, and he's also a graphic designer with tons of great ideas for building his dream home.

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