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Tricks To Make Your Gas Cylinder Last Longer

With the increasing prices of cooking gas, every household needs to save and use it effectively. The high prices have made it difficult for low income families to use the cooking gas and to reduce household expenses.

Do not overcook

You should know the correct time for cooking meals, switch off the gas stove as soon as the food is cooked The best way of doing this is by setting a reminder on your phone or clock and save a reminder to switch off the gas according to the cooking time.

Measure water

Whatever dish you are making, use water moderately. Many times we use excess water and have to leave the food on the cooker much longer even if it is ready for the water to evaporate.

Use a lid.

This is probably the simplest way of saving LPG, it also saves time while cooking. Covering food with lid amplifies the cooking process.

Keep Cooking Utensils Clean.

Dirt and oil may significantly cause you to consume more gas. Everytime you place the utensil on a burner make sure the bottom is clean.

Check For leaks

Make sure you always check if the gas cylinder is leaking, this will save you from losing money by frequently buying gas. It can also be dangerous as the leaking gas may build up and explode.

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