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For you to effectively fit in the society, you need the following aspects

Life is like an examination, when you have no clue about what it is, and its important aspects, you can never make it through. There are several aspects of life that an individual must have for them to survive in life and later be successful. The aspects are discussed as below:

1. Patience.

Patience is an impprtant aspect of life that allows one to achieve different things nomatter how long they take to arrive. With patience, one is able to know that as much as they are not where they should be, they should hold on for their time. Patience also will enable one to calmly wait for results when they have worked hard.

2. Love

Love is a small word that has great effect in the general behaviour of someone and how they treat themselves and others. With a loving heart one is able to see the good in others therefore attracting good and wellness. As much as love can be dangerous in some ways but it is important in the general growth of an individual. Without a loving heart, you definately repell goodness.

3. Kindness

This is the most important aspect of life as it determines if one will move foward happily or they will attract negativity. Most people are attracted by kindness, this means that when you are kind you are likely to attract both positive and negative energies. The positive energy will help you grow fowards with alot of prosperity while the negative energy will teach you lessons and make you cautious of the life distractors. Kindness gives one lessons and opportunities to propell ahead in life.

4. Determination

Generally in life, without determination is a waste of time. Everything achievable in life needs determination and a heart that doesn't give up. This is a big aspect in life and growth in general. For one to survive hardship and climb the success ladder, they actually need to be determined to acheive that.

These four aspects creates the basis of success and good interaction among humans. Without these four aspects it is 

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Love Patience


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