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Beautiful ceiling Ideas That will Raise The Value Of Your Home.

1.Corrugated Metallic Ceiling.

This type of ceilings are popular alternative for traditional ceiling boards.Purchasing a new corrugated metal will provide an ultra-modernist feel.This type of ceiling has the ability to reflect light and it is ideal for both normal and low height ceiling.

2.Drywall Ceiling.

This ceiling is one of the most cheapest solutions.It creates a smooth and attractive living space in the living room.This dry wall requires a coat of primer after which paint of your choice is applied.Recessed light can also be installed to give the house a futuristic appearance.

3.Wood Panelling Ceiling.

They are available in a wide range of finishes and styles and they can be rigid or flexible.They provide a perfect finishing without all the work of fitting individual boards.The numerous design options also make it easy to create a unique feel.

4.Drop Ceiling Tiles.

They are mostly used for renovations to make old homes look more cozy.This type of ceiling has noise dampening capabilities and versatility of modern frames.They can range from white foarm or particle board to classy tile.

5.Tin tiles Ceilings.

These tiles can create a classic living space feeling.There are three types of tin tile ceiling as well as three coating options.The traditional nail up ceiling requires a plywood base before installing the tiles.

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