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Forget About Buying Expensive Jiko And Use a Simple And New Technology To Make Your Own Jiko

Jikos are very essential to human beings. They are used for cooking in the hotels, at home, a school and even in big restaurants. Some of these jikos that we use on a daily basis are very expensive and ineffective. Why do I say that they are ineffective? This is because they do not conserve energy while using them, this leads to huge consumption of firewood causing deforestation and consequently environmental degradation.

This article will help you gain knowledge and skills necessary to make your own energy saving jiko. The materials that you will need are; bricks, cement, sand, water and iron oxide. Below is the procedure to make immovable energy saving jiko in your kitchen.

1. Properly mix the sand, cement and water to make mortor.

2. Identify appropriate site for erecting your jiko. In most cases a corner is preferred.

3. Lay the bricks using the mortor. You can decide on the shape that you want i.e rectangular or circular shaped jiko.

4. Mix the red iron oxide with screed and smear it on your built jiko to colour it.

This type of jiko uses less firewood and are thus effective in promoting environmental sustainability.

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