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Cost Of Hiring Kenya's First Ksh 20 Million Limousine Hearse

"It's not everyday we get a chance to give our loved the best send-off they'd have wished for"_ these might be the words which are lingering in the the Tycoon who decided to convert this Limousine into a hearse. To give a rare chance to anyone who want to give the best send-off to their loved ones. Talk about poshly and with Glamour and style. This might be the deal for some politicians, royal families and alot other people of high ranks no offence, this is life and death is a guarantee to everyone.

  Well, you might be asking yourself how much it can cost for one to hire this Ferocious and Lucrative Limousine hearse right? The price will leave your jaws dropping ... a whooping sh.500, 000 Kenyan Shillings a day. Is it worth it? can the dead feel the honour and taste of it? of course not. A kind note, these are one of the many things we do to out deceased members of the society to disguise out lives and create a certain fake picture but when the individual was alive no one ever cared to show love or care at all, then what's the point of hiring sh.500,000 to paint the fake scenario?

 Wonders will never cease...the good thing is you already know the price of hiring the hearse per day. 

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