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Common Mistakes When Building a House

Some people end up incurring so many costs that could be avoided when building a three bedroom house. It is very important to note these mistakes so that you can avoid so many other problems and extra costs. Before you start the construction process, you always need to sit down and plan how you want your house to look like. You need also to know the period you need your house to take for it to be complete.The first mistake people usually do when building a three bedroom house is working without a house plan and design. These two documents helps you to have a clear picture of how your house will look like. Secondly a house please plan should guide the mason on partitions and measurements. If you make a mistake of building a house with a house plan, you may get to a point of incurring extra cost as you reconstruct some parts that were not constructed as required.

Another mistake people do is hiring cheaper masons who are not well experienced. This can really cost you so mach money. That why sometime you find that the walls have started cracking just few months after constructing. These mason may start end up even messing up with your house plan. It is better to have a well skilled mason even if you have to pay him mach more money.

Another thing that really cost many people mach more money is wastage of building materials. You find that the mason are wasting a lot of cement and are not mixing it in the appropriate rate. Make sure you have responsible masons who will be ready to conserve your building material and use them as required.

Another thing is not not watering the walls with enough water during construction. The result of this is that the walls start to cracking after just few year therefore you will end up incurring extra cost. Another thing is that one need to be cautious about the weather. Most the rainy weather can damage your incomplete building and therefore you up paying more money for the labour you had paid again. Please share

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