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Country Where People Rub Themselves With Mud As A Festival Celebration (Photos)

Country Where People Rub Themselves With Mud As A Festival Celebration (Photos)

South Korea is one of those countries where they celebrate almost everything and the Boryeong mud festival is one of the festival celebrations that earns them a lot of revenue.

The celebration is held annually in July in Boryeong South Korea. The initiative started in 1998 and is still held up to today. The initiative is meant to boost tourism in Boryeong Korea. It remains one of the most sought-after awarding-winning festivals in South Korea.

It attracts visitors from all over the world who travel to Korea just to enjoy playing and sliding in the mud believed to be in rich minerals that are healthy to the skin and help in manufacturing cosmetics. This annual festival earns Korea Millions as millions of people turn up from different parts of the world.

Below are photos of people while at the celebration:

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