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Price Of 1Cement, 1Block, 1Lorry Of Sand And Black Marram For Building Houses

Cement together with Sand, Marram and Blocks are the best combination for building houses and on the other hand Story buildings. This combination is perfect for constructing a permanent house which would last longer. The houses can then in turn generate income through rental money.Photo Courtesy.

Now let's look at the price of each one them

1. A Bag Of Cement

Cement is a binder, a substance that is used for construction that set and harden materials to bind them together. It can bind sand and gravel or marrams etc. Currently,the cost of purchasing 1bag of 50kg cement ranges between Kshs. 650 to Kshs. 800. This price varies depending on the manufacturer and the place where you are buying from. If you buy in bulk you get discount so it will be cheaper.Photo Courtesy.

2. A Block

A block is a material made of cement and gravel that helps the building to be made. The cost of a block depends on where you are buying it. 1block price range between 30/- to 60/-. A full load lorry with block can cost you around Kshs 10k.Photo Courtesy.

3. Sand and Marram

They work hand in hand. 1Lorry of sand costs around KES 6000 to KES 9000 depending on the place and quality. On the other hand, 1 lorry of Marram costs KES 15k to 30k depending on the weight you've bought.Photo Courtesy.

For you to be able to purchase all this, you need to buy them in small stocks first.

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