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Did you know the way you hold a fist reveals more about you, your love personality too?

Have you ever paid attention to your individual mannerisms? Possibly not for many have but learning to evaluate your own movements and mannerisms helps alot to establish or gain a deeper understanding of yourself. In this article am going to discuss personality traits,extenal, internal and love personality basically by the look of how you scrunch your hand into a fist.

1.external personalities include, sensitive, strong, imaginative, great intuition,like to help people, insecure, compassionate, enthusiastic,a little impatient, energetic, curious, adventurous, funny and self ironic.

internal personalities. Include, enjoys to live a simple living, great intuitive skills,have desires to be protected, moreso he or she likes to be accepted and recognized.

love personalities.not honest in relationship, suppresive in emotions,not the person who never gets angry,you tend to suppress bad temper for the sake of love,and treat people nicely.

2.External personalities.full of talent,creative,open minded and friendly, generous, intelligent,confident with strong self esteem,power seekers,hard worker, idealistic, flexible and alert.

Internal personalities.fragile heart, vulnerable with a lot of expectations.

love personalities. Hesitative in love, eager to have someone's company,but not allow yourself to do so, because of your tendiveness of loving your partner very much and you don't want to hurt him or her to hate you,you therefore tend to act like you don't care but in real sense you do.

3.External personalities.strong creativity,witty, good at phrasing, emotional,reacts quickly, practical, thoughtful, worrier, sensitive, smart, flair and harmonious in nature.

internal personalities.silrnt at most of time,would rather sacrifice without letting anyone be hurt, flexible and dreamful.

love personalities. you like to be in a comfortable environment and so does your relationship,soft hearted,forgiveful when one close your are in a relationship apologizes even if he or she made you suffer a great injury or shock.

How do you hold your fist? Not sure!, scrunch your hand into a fist and take a look .Was you personality description precise?

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