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Skin Care

Use This Simple Trick To Eliminate Bad Smell From Your Shoes

It is always embarrassing when you wear your shoes but then after removing them you find out that your shoes are producing bad smell. This will leave you with a smelly feet that will make you to be uncomfortable removing your shoes around your family, relatives and friends.

However, there is always a solution for every problem and having smelly feet because of smelly shoes is a no exception. If you have this problem you can do this simple trick to eliminate the bad smell totally:

Wash your shoes insoles regularly to make them clean always and this will make the bad smell from your shoes to go away. After washing them sun dry them well to remove all the trapped moisture. You should put your shoes in sun for sometimes as this will make the bacteria that causes bad smell in your shoes to die because of the high temperature. Lastly, you can also use sprays that have nice smell to improve how your shoes smells.

Please use this simple trick and it will work for you well.

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