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Meet the Famous TikToker, Khaby Lame

Lame is a Senegalese man with long limbs and a friendly expression on his face. He mocks films of individuals executing too intricate hacks by answering with a simpler, more rational manner of accomplishing the same goal in the majority of his clips.

Lame peels a banana with his hands in one video in response to someone delicately slicing up a banana with a knife in another. In another, he responds to a video of a woman noisily peeling a cucumber with her teeth by performing the same activity with a vegetable peeler.

His reactions epitomize the phrase "shaking my head," or SMH on the internet. Lame spreads his arms with his palms facing upward, as if to shout duh, after his common-sense approach to a problem. He'll throw in an eye roll or a shake of the head now and then.

He has become one of the most renowned digital innovators on social media as a result of his silent but emotional reactions.

"Perhaps because my facial expressions are amusing and make people laugh," Lame explained, "this simplicity makes people laugh, and I love it."

According to one marketer, the popularity of Lame's films demonstrates how nonverbal communication can bridge cultural divides and create connections.

"You don't have to speak to be seen or understood," said Christina Ferraz, founder of Thirty6five, a marketing firm in Houston. "His annoyance is palpable, and emotions are universal."

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