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Seven Daily Habits Of Winners

Character of a winner get built over time, and all this comes with constant efforts and a set of specific winning habits. Here are seven habits, which almost all winners behold:

1• Winners always think like a winner. To be a winner, think like one, is the mantra and to be able to do so, all it requires is to re programme your subconscious mindset. If you think you can be, you will be, and likewise, if you think you can’t be, you won’t be for sure. Winning thoughts create winners.

2•Looks do not matter. This is an era of information and execution. Those who have the power of knowledge and the commitment to perform, they transform themselves from being one of the herds to a specially recognised personality! Winners are those who not only have brilliant ideas but also have the courage and capability to act on those.

3. Winners co habitat with winners. Your personality gains a lot from the people you spend most of your time with. The successful people have the uncanny knack of excusing themselves out of an unproductive company. They love to be with winning mindsets.

4. Winners create opportunities. Sharing a real life anecdote to elucidate this idea. Once the unit head of a consumer goods company was reviewing the sales performance of different regions. The talk of the meeting got concentrated on the non performance of one particular territory. That’s when the regional manager of a nearby region stood up and requested the president to give him the additional charge of the neighbouring area. He promised to turnaround the situation.

Result , He delivered as per his words, and eventually got multiple promotions, even more, significant responsibilities, and as such, he grew very fast in the organisation.Winners do not wait for opportunities to fall into their laps, they create those on their own.

5. Winners deliver beyond expectations. Although every organisation has a key set of expectations from every employee and well-described job roles, those who deliver more than those pre-defined expectations get to showcase their promise. Only when you perform beyond your key result areas, you become recession proof and indefatigable.

Winners are usually different from the masses in terms of their performance and the value they bring with them

6. Winners build on small victories. These are people who think big, but create victory in small parts. They know to break their huge target into smaller goals and work on that one by one. The strategy to focus on small wins is the secret to transformation. On an average, a quantum of 1% improvement, incrementally achieved every day actually means 30% of growth over a month. Winners know it very well that ‘Delhi was not built in a day.

7. Winners ignore non constructive criticisms. These are the people who are well aware of the fact that every visionary was once ridiculed for their ideas. They also realise that all those inventions which have made our life easy and beautiful have evolved out of crazy ideas. A winner is a person who ensures that the story ends with greatness, it matters for them to finish strong.

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