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Simple Method Of Planting Mango Trees

Mango is delicious berry fruit consumed by a lot of people. Mango is loved by a large number of people.

It is grown around the world. It is known to serve as a major occupation to a lot of farmers around the world.

Mango can be planted in the house or the farm for commercial purposes.

Mango is consumed by eating directly or processed into juice. It could also be processed into powdered form as a flavor for other products. It is also known to contain a large quantity of vitamin A and C.

Mango varies in color, texture, and size depending on the region it is planted.

How to plant mango

Land– It is important to clear the land from all existing trees and grasses. Then the land is prepared for farming.

The land must contain fertile soil, rich in sand- loamy material.

The species of seed– The type of seed to be planted must be determined and purchased from the farm store. The improved breed now exists that grows within a short time and increases productivity.

Planting– Mango is planted from its seed or can be planted by grafting a mango branch to another existing tree.

Measured distance must be observed when planting for commercial purposes.

Pruning– This is the removal of old leaves to allow branches to form and aid the tree to grow fast and increase productivity.

Irrigation– It is important to provide an alternative source of water supply in the absence of rain so the tree can produce adequately. This can be done manually or mechanically or with the use of an old irrigation method.

Fertilizer application– When the mango does not develop as required or the leaves show signs of some nutrient deficiency, fertilizer should be applied to aid the growth of the plant. Organic fertilizer is preferable but inorganic fertilizer can also be used.

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