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5 Symptoms of Hidden Depression Anyone can Experience

Philosophical thoughts

Psychologists say that the more definite a person’s thoughts are, the more chances they have to be happy. People who usually suffer from hidden depression try to talk about to talk calmly and creatively about topics using abstract sentences. For example instead of “I don’t get enough sleep” they might say” such thing always happens to me”. They also like talking about how meaningful life is and their words are always abstract and vague

Searching excuses

This is one of the most common things they do; they search for ways to hide their true feelings especially real desires and sadness. For example, they may come up with a story where they cannot visit a certain friend nor have dinner with family members. These excuses acts as a cover so as not to bother anyone with their conditions

The lack of adequate reaction

Depressed people can react differently to a surrounding reality; they may decide to agree with just everything, may be even stop noticing insults or not even feel pain even if it is inevitable; for example when they lose a relative.

Ostentatious happiness

To hide their true emotions, they achieve this by looking so happy and carefree than before. They mostly avoid those conversations that are meant to be serious and laugh off difficult topics. To help them, you have to hold a long trusting conversation so that you me understand them and get to the bottom of the problem

Exchange in productivity

This is also a dangerous signal, person senselessness in their action; feels tired and can’t cope up with daily routines. It can also be the opposite where by a person workaholic becomes; he is more determined than before. They are trying to escape their from feelings and bring some sense to their life

How to help them

If you realize your friend is depressed, try to offer them you help, talk to them and try to understand them. If they refuse, leave them for a while as you still monitor their behavior. You can also help them with some work at home just trying to connect as depression affects both physical and emotional strength. Lastly be very sensitive to their smile and perfect posts online because they can hide serious problems 

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