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Forget Bricks, Blocks, Roofing Tiles or Iron Sheets, Use this Material to Build a Complete House

When we speak of building a house, every person can attest to the hardship and straining they undergo when building their houses. However, revolution with changes in technology has put construction industry into a milestone. The rate at which construction technologies are revolving across the world is amazing. Well, when building houses, walling and roofing materials are among the most expensive things as far as construction is concerned. If you are planning to build a house, then be ready to spent heavily on walls and the roofs. However, a simple yet very unique and amazing way of constructing a house has emerged in the market. The use of plumbing pipes for both walling and roofing.

Plumbing pipes have been found to be a great construction materials which is multipurpose serving both the roofs as well as the walls. In this technology, the pipes are joined together using special methods and laid in the construction trenches to make the walls. However, the same methods is used to join the pipes to make up the roofing only that in the roofing a special kind of roofing glue is used to seal the spaces between the pipes hence making them leak proof. This method of house construction is a great method because its fast and a house can be constructed in just only three to seven days depending on the size of the house and the labour force you have.

In corners and several, designed positions in the walls, the pipes are filled with concrete. In the roofing metal bars are inserted in the king post and other supporting posts to support the roof. Don't you think its great to use plumbing pipes to construct your house. Drop your comment and let's see your thought? Don't forget to share this information to your friends and relatives. Also to continue getting such new technologies, you can follow this site if you haven't done so.

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