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If You Must Construct A Strong House, Avoid This Type Of Sand During Construction (PHOTOS)

Constructing a house is a challenge currently due to increase in prices of construction materials as well as labour force. However some people normally struggle and end up building beautiful houses which never last, this is due to mistakes done during the construction. Therefore it has come to my attention that, type of sand that one uses when constructing a house is very crucial and if poor quality one is used, the house may end up cracking then fall down. Too sad!

For that reason allow me show you types of sand you need to avoid using. To begin with is a muddy sand. A good sand should consist all rock particles, there should be no traces of mud in it. This is because, as cement mix with mud in the sand, it soaks and swells and after awhile when the mixture is dry, the muddy part shrinks causing crack on the wall which may result to falling of the house.

To notice a muddy sand is so simple, simply put some sample of sand on a slender glass and pour some water on it, if the sand is all rock particles, the addition of water will not alter level of the sand, however if the sand contains mud, the addition of water will lead to increase in level of the sand since the mud absorbs water and swell or the water that will come out will be muddy.

In addition to that, the best sand to use should be 'sharp' sand, that is in terms of shape since sharp sand helps to key together particles strongly within a cement. Around or spherical sands are also not good to use, remember in most cases these round sand particles are normally found in coastal beaches which means that they are salty hence causes corrosion of steel reinforcing bars, hence dangerous to your house. Below are pictures of houses in which poor quality sand was used.

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