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How to Live Happy and Stress Free Life During Corona Virus Pandemic

Corona virus pandemic has brought so much stigma among us, we should be aware of and how we can overcome and fight that fear. Since, some of us are working from home via online business like naturing their creativity on opera News hub, which is the best way of working from home.

Some people took the same sad moments to scam their fellow citizens, which was a very bad idea. According to Kenya's network provider, Safaricom PLC! there is more than 30000 fraud cases reported to their systems so far.

Through the same case people lost their, self-esteem, others became stressed until now they living a life that they really can't tell what a frustrating full of challenges, stigma and fear.

Today let's look at, how we can fight and overcome those tough moments during this on going virus pandemic.

1.Eat healthy - You can eat a well balanced diet also do not forget to add fruit on your meals, fruits helps build our Immune system which fights diseases in our bodies.

2.Exercise regularly- exercise is good in our bodies, you need at least 30min of exercise.You can ran or do push-ups in the morning.

3.Watch movies and series- You can avoid being too much stressed by watching movies or series.

4.Avoid watching too much news- Watching too much news can lead to stress and anxiety. Corona virus pandemic news can really make you full of fear, To avoid that turn off your TV.

5.Read story books and novels - Reading novels and story books can make you happy and relieve your from stress.

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