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Signs That You Have Given Someone Else Power Over Your Life

This doesn't mean that you have given power over your life to someone else blindly and you have accepted for them to control your life. It simply means that other people control how you feel or how you react to things. And if you do so you are going to become one toxic person, so be careful with the way you let others is important know that this is your life and every decision you make has it own consequences whether it is positive or negative. Therefore it is important to not let others control your emotions or feelings, since it is going to make you to have low self-esteem. Here are the signs that you have given someone else power over your life.

1. You complain a lot

You are always complaining about everything and anything. You complain about what other people are wearing or how they have kept their hair and it doesn't concern you at all. You are first one to complain how your parents didn't buy you some toy when you are younger or how they didn't pay for your college fee, which actually they could have afford. You tend to become a bitter person and less likable, because people are not fond of your negative aura that you give. So next time when you are complaining make sure to minimize it.

2. You blame other people for your feelings

You are always blaming other people for the way you feel and no one has forced you to have those feelings.' it is because my boss had bad mood today, that is the reason why I am having such a bad day.' or ' I am so pissed because the tea didn't have enough sugar in it today.' These are example of you blaming others for the way you feel, and you boss hasn't force to have a bad at work , it was your decision to have a bad day at work.

3. You are set out to prove someone else wrong.

This goes in hand with being a people pleaser, just because your friend or partner said you are stingy, you make it your obligation to prove them wrong. You start spending on them with the money you had put aside for something else. The only person you can be fully happy with proving to them, it is you and only you. Avoid allowing people to trigger to prove them wrong just because they said something about you and you didn't like . Imagine how many people you have to prove because they said something negative about you.

4. Other people's opinion matters

What people think you of matters a lot than how you think about yourself. You will notice that everyone that you have ever encountered with will have a different opinion of you, depending on how you interacted with each one another. Someone may tell you that bright clothes don't look good on you and maybe they are saying that because are jealous, but you will start wearing dull clothes because their opinion matters so much to you. Your opinion about yourself matters the most and others should be irrelevant to you.

5. You hold grudges

Holding grudges will make you bitter and will have the other person control your emotions. It is so important to let go of things that happen in your past forgive them, so that you can free yourself from it and be able to move forward with your life. Holding a grudge is going to destroy and to also have someone have power over you while they don't know how power they have. Learn to let go thing that hurt because hurt is unavoidable.

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