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Swipping At Certain Times Might Be A Bad Luck

Ensuring the Cleaniless of our environment is a good habit and as they say Cleaniless is next to godliness but some specific cultures have assigned special times for it.

Sweeping ones house with a broom at old times can bring bad luck.

With regards to indian culture using broom after sunset is very wrong. This Can drive away prosperity and wealth.

However ,if this situation arise and you have to sweep after sunset then here's what need to be done, you should not throw the dust outside but put it in the dustbin placed inside the house till next day.

Throwing dust past sunset is believed to disappoint Goddess Lakshmi.

Likewise in west Africa, natives are cautioned to avoid Swipping their households at night or else your further risk Swipping away good luck and favor.

In US, it's considered that is a bad luck to bring a old broom into new house. Reason behind this is you will bring all your former bad luck with you.

If you bring your favourite room there is hope that you are Swipping something of great blessing into the new home instead of throwing away your blessings and hopes .

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