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Things That Smart People Never Say In Public

Smart people choose their words carefully and ensure that they do not get themselves into difficulty or do harm to others. Smart individuals understand that our words have the power to create havoc in one's life. They are always aware of when they must speak and when they must remain silent. Below are some of the things they don't say in public.

They refuse to acknowledge that they are intelligent.

Words should always be preceded by action. It doesn't make sense to suggest that one is smart until she demonstrates it. Rather than proclaiming that you are intelligent, you should be engaging in activities that intelligent people enjoy. It's rare to see an intelligent individual brag about how smart he or she is in front of others.

They never tell that they can't do something.

This is the term that most failures choose to use. It's fine to try anything, but you shouldn't just say you can't when you haven't put in any effort. If you perceive that you won't be able to complete a task that has been assigned to you. Instead of stating "I can't," why don't you say "I'll see what I can do tomorrow." Instead of sitting there claiming you can't, attempt anything so you can get experience.

They never state whether or not they despise their work.

When you hear someone state that she despises her job, what is the first thing that springs to mind? I believe that most of us are disheartened at some point in our lives. Even if you were interested in doing the work, it vanishes. You will develop a negative attitude toward your job if you complain about it. Most clever people do not grumble when their firms lose money. Instead, they alter their strategies in order to resurrect the company.

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