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Heads-up: 4 Ways House Ventilation is Risking your Life

Heads-up: 4 Ways House Ventilation is Risking your Life

Having a free air circulation in a room makes it feel better and increases comfort ability. Most contractors have mastered the art of installing ventilation in rooms and buildings since these house structures play a major role in eliminating chances of suffocation. Just imagine being in a room full of congested gases, because they have no escape point – how would you survive? Probably, high chances are that you are most likely to suffocate, and possibly die. Therefore, to avoid such unnecessary inconveniences, most people have learnt the benefits of ventilation and now, contractors are fitting every building with either artificial or natural ventilation structures. However, this structures has shown their downsides by risking the life of individuals in the following four ways;

1. They act as Entry points for intruders

Despite the fact that these openings are specifically for the purpose of air circulation in a room, they are also capable to act as entry points for house intruders. These intruders are non-other than other animals that might cause injury to your health. For instance, animals such as snakes, scorpions, rats and other intruders are most likely to take advantage of these openings. Once they gain entry into your room, this idea risks your life to animal bites or to other skin infections that may require expensive medical attention. For that case, ventilation are good but if poorly installed, it becomes a risk to your health safety.

2. Some Birds Use them as Shelter

As much as every animal needs a place to call a home, there are places where animals should not live in. One of these places are the roofing or ventilators of a building. Birds sometimes prefer invading wall ventilation as their points of nesting. They come in, then add some grass materials into it and then change it their living room. Naturally, this action is just okay, but medically, it is not a recommendation. This is because; birds are prey for small insects such as mites, which live by sucking their blood. Once the mites attack these nesting points because of the birds, it simply means that it will not take so long before attacking anything around that has fresh blood.

3. Mosquito’s hiding places

When poorly installed, these structures serve a very important role in favor of the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes prefer them as their hiding places, a point from which they get out at night to attack you. This is risking your life to contracting malaria and therefore, you should be careful with it. Those are the other side effects of having poorly installed ventilation in a room. Hoping it makes sense to you, follow us for more articles coming through.

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