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Four Advantages OF Being A Believer

It is good to be a believer..When you are a believer then believe that your religion is the best.Here are the importance of being a believer.

(i) Prayers serves as answers to some tough questions.

There are some tough questions which hard to find their answers.For instance,"where do people go to after death?"The other type of questions is;"where did human beings came from?"

These two types of questions will never disturb you when you are a believer.The religion beliefs always have answers to these these questions.

(ii)Most believers always do not suffer from stress-related diseases.

This is very true.In most cases, when a believer is having a problem,he or she will share it with his or her religious members.This socialization and sharing of their thoughts makes them to be stress-free and healthy.

Psychlogically, when a believer has a problem and he or she speaks to the creater.He or she will be okay.

(iii) Believers Easily Gets Support From Others With Ease.

It is always for a believer to get support from other religious members when they are in trouble.

(iv) Prayers sometimes work.

You always people giving testimonials on television.Those who had big problems and prayed had their problems solved.

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