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Top Emojis Commonly Used And Their Latest Meaning 2021

Emojis are now mostly being used to describe the feelings in chats and also on social media platforms. Before using an emoji, know it's meaning and you need to understand it.

1. ❤ Heart

This classic love heart emoji, used for expressions of love and gratitude, is displayed in various shades of red on most platforms.

2. Face with pleading eyes 🥺

This emotion also represents adoration or feeling touched by loving gestures. Psst, Pleading Face is the third most popular emoji 2021.

3. Smiling face 😅

A smiling face, with one teardrop. This emotion is actually meant to be used and shows someone is being touched, relieved, or grateful.

4. Glitter✨

This emotion is commonly used to show various positive sentiments, such as love, happiness, beauty, gratitude, and joy.

5. 😂 The laughing emoji

This yellow face describes it perfectly. Raised eyebrows, big laugh, smiling eyes with tears that indicate how loud you laugh. This emotion was originally intended to express something fun and very funny.

6. Fire🔥

A flame is generated when something is burning. It is depicted as a flickering fire in gradations of red, orange, and yellow. Emot Fire is commonly used for various metaphorical expressions related to fire, including slang for ‘hot’ which means someone attractive, cute, beautiful.

7. Smiling face with hearts 🥰

This emoji expresses various feelings of happiness, affection, especially feelings when falling in love.

8. Smiling face 😊

When described, this emoji has a yellow face with “smiling” eyes and wide closed smiley lips, as well as rosy cheeks. Often times, this emoji is used to express true happiness and warm, positive feelings.

9. Face with mask 😷

These emojis have been around for a long time and are used as expressions to imply diseases in general.

However, because in the past this emoticon “depicts a sick person”, his face looks sad, lethargic… Hence, this does not match the new normal recommended during the pandemic.

😂 Face with Tears of Joy

😭 Loudly Crying Face

🥺 Pleading Face

🤣 Rolling on the Floor Laughing

❤️ Red Heart

✨ Sparkles

😍 Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes

🙏 Folded Hands

😊 Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes

🥰 Smiling Face with Hearts

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