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Phrases That Smart People Never Say At Any Given Time.

I am a smart person.

That's one of the phrases that smart people don't like using. They do assume that their level of intelligence is important to each person they come across. So when you here someone somewhere bragging how intelligent they are, it shows how insecure they are.

Once you are an intelligent person, you don't need validation from people. Almost each and every person wants to be regarded as an intelligent person but trying to prove yourself, it can be the worst mistake you can ever make in life.

The more you try to prove yourself, the more you will be failing. Just be natural because nobody cares if you are intelligent or not. The most important thing is to know your self worth. Once you are aware of that, you won't struggle emulating some people.

"It's not fair".

If you are expecting life to be fair for you, then you need to change your thinking before things get out of control. No matter how much you are dedicated in your work, the truth is that it will reach a time where you will get fired. So you should be ready for anything.

Intelligent people never complain how unfair life is. This is because they tend to believe that failure is inevitable. It's through failing that we are able to succeed. If you can't get something wrong then you should be ready not to get something right.

If you want to be an intelligent person, learn to create opportunities for yourself. There's no way you can just sit and expect success to come into your hands. Successful people usually work an extra mile.

"Everyone else does it".

Intelligent people don't follow the decisions of the multitude, they are their own boss. By that am trying to say that, intelligent people don't value brands, trends or fads. It's very hard to find them on social media.

You will find most of them making their own decisions, no matter how bad they are. If it's standing, you should stand on what you believe is right, don't be concerned about who is watching or what people may talk about you.

Intelligent people are trend setters not followers. They create their own paths and later on, they wait for people to follow. Most of them like challenging ideas which most people accept too easily. You should try and emulate such behaviours if you want to be intelligent. Meanwhile see you then and keep on following for more articles.

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