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How To Get Rid Of A Bad Mood In 1 Minute or Less-Opinion

It is inevitable that bad days will occur. A blown job interview, a broken coffee machine (when you really need coffee), slipping in dog poop on your way to a date—we understand that life may be frustrating at times. We can't make a bad commute or an obnoxious coworker go away (sorry), but we do have some nice recommendations for boosting your mood.

1. Make a happy face. It's clichéd, but it appears to be true: smiling can actually turn a frown upside down.

2. Run around and jump around. Jump jacks, jump rope, or random flailing around will quickly get your happy-making endorphins pumping (hey, no judgment here).

3. Smell a few different scents. Inhaling the scents of orange or essential orange oil or lavender can help to calm you down and lift your spirits.

4. Take a bite of gum. Gnawing on gum on a regular basis can help you relax and reduce tension and stress.

5. Have a chocolate treat. As if we needed another incentive to eat chocolate other than the fact that it's delicious: chocolate can make us happy.

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