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5 Tricks Interviewers use to Test you

Being offered a cup of coffee

This trick has become popular of late where the boss may offer you a cup of coffee or even take you to the kitchen and offer you a cup of coffee. Then the interviewer watches what you will do, will you ask where to place it or will you just place it on the table normally. This trick helps understand more about a person’s manners and how fast you can fit in the working team. If you are in the kitchen, after finishing you drink just wash the cup, or you can choose not to take any drink offered

Keeping you waiting

We all have waited in offices so that we may be served. The interview might be scheduled to take place at 9 am but you find the boss busy so you have to wait. You might wait even for another hour before you are being served; this trick is used to show how emotionally stable a candidate is especially in stressful situation. Apart from this, it also shows how much you want this position or chance

Interviewer shouting all over sudden

Although not so popular, but you might find yourself in such a situation where the interviewer suddenly screams, uses harsh words or even just raising their voice. This idea is there to test the person’s ability to handle stress. If you really need this job, just remain calm, don’t focus on their words just take you time and answer the questions calmly at your own pace.

Making a strange request

There are various strange request you might here the interviewer asking like jumping out of the window, such questions are aimed at testing your ability to use out of box thinking. This question can be logically tackled in two ways, because the person did not tell you where to land you can step on the window and jump into the room where the interview is taking place or you can ask the person on how the company will benefit from you jumping out of the window. 

Behaving strangely

You might realize the interviewer getting busy on the computer screen while the session is still on or they just decides to ignore you by making a call or answering it. This reaction only tests you on how you will react; the best way to respond is by asking the interviewer to reschedule the interview for another day.

Which are some of the most unusual things have you ever experienced in an interview? Comment, share and follow for more.

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