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"I Used to Buy Clothes With All My Salary, I Borrowed Money to Sustain my Fake Life" Lady Narrates

Zipporah Ndetu has narrated how she used to fake her life just to impress people. She used to buy clothes, shoes and handbags with all her salary and she would be left with nothing.

Zipporah says at some point she would borrow her husband money for bus fare because she could use all the money and she would not save even a bob. Her husband would always urgue with her but she never listened to him.

Things turned worse after she got pregnant and she had to go for a maternity leave. She appointed her best friend to replace her while she was taking care of her newborn but she never knew that her best friend would completely replace her.

She went back to work but her best friend had fully replaced her and there is nothing she could do. She decided to stop working and she had nothing on her bank because she used to clothes with all her salary.

She had borrowed money from all mobile loan applications to sustain her fake life. She regrets wasting her time on luxury instead of saving her money. She worked for two years and she left her job with nothing.

After losing her job, that's when she got a business idea where she started selling leg stockings with only a thousand and that's how her business grew.

She has urged people who are working to always save some of the salary to avoid what happened to her from happening to them.


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Zipporah Ndetu


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