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Traits of a High-Value Man That Separate Them From the Average.

If you are a man, then you should understand these traits carefully and change yourself a little so that you can increase your value as a MAN.

1) Character

If you think that you can increase your value by sleeping with random girls then you are in delusion. Do not cast your eyes on other people's wealth and women.

* Be Loyal.

* Be unperturbable.

*Be Loving.

2) Self Aware

The high value mind knows what is good and what is bad for it. That's why he always gives himself the first priority and does not get influenced by,

* Social Media

* News channels

* Government

3) Focused

High value person is always focused in his business, job, ambition, he does not need external motivation. He doesn't blame external distractions and keeps on working by increasing his focus.

4) Self Controlled

Only those people get respect who can control their senses. People who are not self controlled are slaves to materialistic things. He control his,

* Sexual Urges.

* Emotions.

* Desire.

* Expectations.

5) Behaviour

The high value man treats all the people equally, whether it is a watchman or Janitor or a CEO. The wealth and power of the person standing in front of him, has no effect on his behavior.

6) Learner

A high value man always learns new things with an open mind. He Keeps learning from his own and others' mistakes.

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