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How Come There Are 7 Billion People, Yet We Feel Alone?

There's no one out there who can walk the path for you, solve any of your problems, or tell you what to do with your life. That leaves you, and you are nothing but a selfish bundle of vanity and pride that camouflages more insecurity and despair than you ever thought a single person could contain. That's also me.

Each of us is a traveler on a lonely and strange voyage, and we often become stranded in the middle of confusion and paradox. We seek nourishment, lost out here among the wonder of existence with no direction or guidance, but any message we send or receive is going to be confused.

Our thoughts and our words are broken hand-me-downs that we barely recognize, but it's right that we should feel grateful because they're all we have. The process, though, our attempt to relate to others, is always already flawed.

Nothing can change the essential facts, so what is there to save us from despair? Only the slim chance that by reaching out to another our voice may be heard and we may hear. So we reach out, using our broken thoughts the best we can to make a connection with another voice.

What exactly is that connection? Is it love? Is it God? Is it a memory of something we don't even realize we've forgotten? Is it nothing but our despair grasping for hope in any form we can find it? As you already know, there is no simple or obvious answer to the question of what compels us to hear each other. And yet we sing. And we hear. And every once in awhile we are a little less lonely.

Egoism, the desire to enjoy at the expense of others, is at the basis of our nature. Over the course of our lives, we constantly develop and grow. As a result, we find ourselves increasingly separated from each other, and in our time, we have reached the fact that we can no longer stand each other. We find ourselves becoming increasingly divided, isolated, detached and hateful of one another, and sink deeper into depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness and drug abuse. The growing ego separates us, and we feel that we are truly cut off from everyone and even from our very selves.

On the other hand, we also start feeling the opposite: that we increasingly depend on each other and cannot live without each other.

So how can we resolve this dilemma, where we find ourselves becoming increasingly interdependent, but at the same time, we hate and reject each other? How can we tie this problem into one?

We cannot do so in our current life. There is but a single solution: we need to rise from our current level of existence, where we all live with self-concern as our top priority, to a different level, where we prioritize the benefit of others, and positively connect to them.

If we reach the understanding that our egoistic mode of existence is out of gas, and that we need to shift to a different state, opposite to the current one, then we will merit a harmonious existence in balance with nature, and no one will feel alone.

Thanks for your time in reading this article. Let us embrace one another and the common feeling of loneliness will no longer be part of our lives. If we are going to see others as important, then our existence on this hard earth will be somehow meaningful.

Please share your thoughts on how we keep on feeling isolated, lonely, uncared and yet we are many in this earth? Don't forget to share and like.

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