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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas That you Will Be Tempted to Try.

If the you want to build a house or you are planning to remodel your kitchen, check out the following Charming kitchen designs in photos

The kitchen is a very crucial aspect of every home. Aside from its purpose, the modern kitchen has advanced from being a room to prepare food, to a social area where family or friends bond while preparing food.

There are Different types of Kitchen layouts, but I will narrow them down to 5:

1.)One Wall 

These are common in smaller spaces like apartments or small townhouses. The kitchen is literally against one wall in one straight line.This design concept enables the cook to move between the refrigerator, stove, and sink in a three-point, non-intersecting fashion.

2.) Galley Kitchen 

These are usually small kitchens located in narrow rooms. The kitchen counters would be against two walls parallel to each other.Since galley kitchens are small, they tend to be less expensive to build or remodel

3.) L-Shape Kitchen 

This is a common kitchen layout in both traditional kitchens and modern kitchens.

The kitchen counters form an L-shape and are placed against walls perpendicular to each other. It doesn’t occupy too much space, and it allows for easier kitchen planning, giving you more space and flexibility.

4.)U-Shape Kitchen 

The kitchen counters form a U-shape, occupying 3 walls perpendicular to each other. U shaped kitchens are efficient for large or medium sized kitchens. It can also provide plenty of access to work in a separate area when you have a larger family to accommodate.


This type of kitchen layout is common in open-plan spaces. 3 sides of the kitchen counters are against the wall, and one counter extends perpendicularly, in which the additional counter acts as a space divider or a counter dining/bar area.If you like entertaining guests while cooking food, placing the range on the peninsula is a good idea.

Have a look at more charming modern Kitchen Designs:

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