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Here's What The Tiny Hole On A Padlock Is For

Padlocks are a very essential tool to keep our products, property and valuable items safe. Many people, however, may not know how this useful device operates and what its features entails. In this article I am going to show you the important of the small hole on the bottom of the padlock and why it is important. Padlocks are used in every part of the world some use it to keep their posssesions safe while others use it as an expression for love by for instance, the padlock bridge in Paris. The hole on the bottom of the padlock serves two purposes. One of its functions is to keep the padlock mechanism unaltered over time, expelling water which could stagnate due to excessive humidity or freeze inside the padlock at low temperatures.

Another essential role played by the small hole on the bottom of your padlock is its ability to help improve the performance of the padlock.

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