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8 Signs That Are A Likely Indicator Of Delay In Your Life And 5 Ways To Deal With It

Delay is a very abnormal occurrence in one's life whereby they have a tendency of being late or being left behind. It is not so different from the spirit of stagnation. Although seasons change, a person may just be left behind. The underlying factor is that one is always behind their timeline if this spirit is operating in their lives. The following are a few notable signs that could mean you have the spirit of delay:

1. Delayed results from time to time

Perhaps this is the most obvious sign. In anything you embark on, your results always come very late when in fact you should be pursuing something else. This sets the pace for delayed results in several other aspects of your life.

2. You tend to be behind schedule

For example, you are always doing what others in your age group or team already did. You are left behind in most important things.

3. You encounter many barriers

Any time you pursue something, you encounter unusual barriers that limit you from making considerable progress. This is the time that problems arise and hence a lot of time is spent trying to solve these problems rather than pursuing your goals. This does not imply that everyone encountering barriers/challenges has the spirit of delay.

4. You face disappointment that drags you behind

You may have started well but in the course of your journey you are faced with a major disappointment that pushes you many strides back. For example, if you are in a relationship, it could be that you have planned and prepared everything only for the wedding to be cancelled for an unfortunate reason.

5. Nobody shows you favour

If you have the spirit of delay, it means that you don't have a destiny helper that can favour you. As a result, you continue to struggle alone. With favour, you can get in one day what would have taken years.

6. You are full of regret

Because of delay, you are always regretting the things you did wrong or the things you never accomplished. You have never gotten over your painful past.

7. You have lost a lot of things in the past in unusual ways

Looking back, you can see that you have lost very important things in life. This could be either through being conned, theft, carelessness or death in relation to people. When you lose important things in life, you enter a cycle of delay because you don't have the things that would otherwise been of help in your pursuit.

8. You always feel ashamed of yourself

Because you are filled with thoughts of having been late, you tend to feel ashamed of yourself. As a result, you have a low self-esteem and you feel demotivated.

How To Deal With the Spirit of Delay

If you are a victim, don't worry. God is a restorer. You can deal with this spirit through the following ways:

a) Pray for God's favour upon your life

The favour of God will cause you to triumph over every barrier that comes your way. You will achieve your goals with ease and in the proper time.

b) Do away with negative/wrong associations

Wrong associations will cause you to jeopardise your destiny. These include people who waste your time or people who discourage you. They are visionless and you should exit their camp.

c) Pray for destiny helpers

Ask God to bless you with destiny helpers who will help you move to the next level in life by providing support through mentorship, finance among others.

d) Reconcile with your painful past

Accept your mistakes, forgive those who wronged you and begin to move on. Whining, weeping and wishing won't be of help.

e) Pray for God to break the spirit of delay

Nothing is impossible with God. You can engage in prayer and fasting to break this spirit of delay. As you pray, have faith in God that he will restore the lost years and give you a breakthrough in Jesus mighty name.

In conclusion, accept everything that has happened. Do not give up and don't regret. I pray that God will favour you and turn that situation around for your good.

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