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20 Quick Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress and depression are some of the key challenges in the society today with several jobs lost , bad economy and financial challenges. There are different ways that one can handle stress and depression since many have even died as a result of these.

Here are some of the ways to handle st to stress ;

1. Breath

When you take slow , deep breaths they lower blood pressure and heart rate that arise during stress or depression.

2. Talk to a friend

When you have a talk or a chat with your friends it helps you share your feelings with them and you get relieved.

3. Laugh

When you laugh it increases blood flow and boosts immunity that will help you handle the stress.

4. Sip green tea

Tea contains several parts which some help relieve anger to an individual which can help you deal with stress caused by annoyance or anger.

5. Chew gum

When you chew gum it helps reduce anxiety and also lower cortisol levels that you develop during stress.

6. Cuddle with a pet

When you play with a pet it will help you boot your self esteem and also it will ease string of social rejection.

7. Meditate

When you mediate during such times it will help you relieve stress , depression and anxieties.

8. Eat some chocolate

Black chocolate regulate levels of stress hormone cortisol and stabilize metabolism . It will also help you calm your nerves .

9. Do some yoga

Yoga will help you develop and create peace of mind as you go through the stress.

10. Get organized

Try to figure out what makes you get stressed and then try to organize it well for example disorganized house ,office or place of work.

11. Be alone

When you be alone it will help you collect your thoughts and clear your head so as to begin afresh.

12. Squeeze a stress ball

When you take time to squeeze the stress ball it will help you relieve tension within you.

13. Close your eyes

When you close your eyes it will help you regain calm and focus.

14. Stretch

When you stretch it will help you relieve muscle tension and also it will help you relax .

15. Count backwards

As you count backwards for example as from ten to one , it will help your system calm down.

16. Give yourself a hand massage

Hand massage is essential since it will help calm your pondering heart and help you settle.

17. Find the sun

As you find the sun it is also quiet important since the sun lifts your spirits from depression.

18. Take a quick walk

Walking is good since as you walk it helps gather thoughts and also gives you alone time since it is a physical activity.

19. Listen to music

Music is also good since it will help you fix a bad mood.

20. Watch your favourite game

This will help you forget the past and what let to your stress.

Share so as to save lives and avoid losing the youth and our countrymen from stress by avoiding stress deaths.

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