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8 Most Unique Trees In The World

8) General Sherman, Sequoia national park in California

This is the word largest tree by volume at 52,508 cubic feet. Also it is among the tallest and the widest tree in the world. This amazing tree is estimated to be over 2,500 years old making it one of the oldest trees we have today. It has a diameter of over 7 meter and a height of over 88 meter

7) Avenue of the baobabs in Madagascar

Also known as Alley if the Baobabs, this is a group of a certain type of baobabs that are aligned by the side of a certain region Madagascar. Due to their appearance, many tourists visits this place just to take a look, this has made this place one of the most popular tourists attraction in Madagascar and also Africa

6) Socotra Dragon tree in Yemen

It is named after the blood like color of the red sap that the tree produces. In small amounts, this sap can be very helpful medically without harmful effects according to some people. This tree also produces fruits that are red, small and fleshy. The fruits also have a deep red resin which locals call dragon’s blood

5) Cherry Blossom in Tokyo, japan

These type of trees attract a lot of attention due to their beautiful appearance which occurs during certain periods of time during the year. The trees blossom between March and early May, they are not only found in japan but they are part of Japanese culture that will often be found in festivals and other displays

4) The dark Hedges in Northern Ireland

Planted by a family back in the 18th century, these are a group of beautiful trees that are very popular to tourists who visit Northern Ireland. The trees are so beautiful that they were featured in the Game of Thrones series as the road that lead to and from King’s Landing.

3) Rainbow Eucalyptus tree in Maui, Hawaii

The bark of this tree has very unique colors that resemble a rainbow. It is very hard to find a tree with a lot of colors on its trunk and this one here looks like it came out of an animation film. These types of trees can reach a height of up to 61 feet and they can mostly be found in New Britain, New Guinea and of course Maui, Hawaii.

2) Crooked Forest in Poland

This is a forest with trees that have an oddly shape planted back in 1930 and has about 400 pine trees. How these trees acquired this shape is currently not clear but it is believed that some form of human tool or technique was used in the process. Also some people believe that during world war two, tanks could roll of the trees and the young one survived where they grew up with this shape

1) Methuselah, Ancient Pine Forest in California

This is a specific tree which is one of the oldest trees that we have today at an age of over 4,800 years. It was believed to be the oldest tree until another tree was found in the same region with over 5,000 years. The exact location of these trees are not marked just to protect them from bad people

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