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'Tumechoka Kuwaona Mkienda Holiday Pekee Yenu. We Also Need A Holiday.' Obadiah Tells Kabi.

Children of present days have Zero Chills. Obadiah Wajesus is the sibling of Milly Wajesus who is an upcoming Celebrity Content Creator on YouTube. Obadiah Wajesus has one of the most amazing personality and he always speak things as they are even on live Instagram stories.

Currently Obadiah Wajesus has bursted Kabi and has told Kabi to talk to Bonfire so that they would go for a holiday also. Kabi asked Obadiah his dream destination and Obadiah answered Dubai.

Obadiah then exposed Kabi and said that Kabi has never even taken them for any holiday. Kabi told Obadiah that they normally go for business. Obadiah replied and said that he can also go for business too. Obadiah then revealed how he can't wait to get on a flight so that he can catch the clouds with his Bare hands and show his best friends at school once schools reopen. Kabi Wajesus loved hysterically and promised Obadiah he will talk to Bonfire adventures. See screenshots of Kabi's posts below.

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