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Stop Throwing Away Broken Ceramic Tiles, See Better And Wonderful Things You Can Do With Them.

Ceramic tiles are materials used for construction of floors. They have different colours that makes your floors to appear lavish. These tiles are prone to chipping or cracking when hit by an heavy object. Many people however, throw away broken tiles because they do not know the essential value of such tiles. This article discusses some of the things you can do with broken ceramic tiles.

1. Making mosaic flower pots.

Broken ceramic tiles can be used together with cement to make mosaic flower pots. Mosaic pots are normally used for growing different types of flowers such as cauliflower, rose flower etc. The flowers plus mosaic pots have high aesthetic value and thus they will make your residential area lavish.

2. Paving outdoor seating and walking areas.

Outdoor seating and walking areas can be made mud free by paving then using broken tiles. The tiles are fixed using cement or stucco.

The above methods are very economical as they help in minimizing the cost of buying new tiles to make the mosaic flower pots. In addition, recycling of broken tiles helps in preventing injuries that may occur if the tiles are dumped carelessly on the land surface.

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