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Giving up already? Here are 5 tips to get back to your feet

The desire to accomplish one's life objectives comes along with a lot of pressure. Most people wish to achieve their dreams from as early as the age of 20. Well, imagining that all your friends start making money at a time when you have not yet figured out how your life should be, one may develop the feeling of giving up from things they had planned to do. This may likely happen from past experiences where trials to do something beneficial come crashing down. Below are some tips that I have found helping, from personal experience and I would like to share them with my readers.

1.Find someone experienced in delivering guidance/counselling in times of despair. It is more than certain that desperation may bring in depression and suicidal thoughts which are dangerous as some people have problems with handling such feelings. Thus, it is very important to share your problems with someone you can feel safe with; remember what they say that a problem shared is a problem half-solved. A professional, say a psychologist certainly knows how to handle mental health and it would be very appropriate to approach one in times of need. Remember that most mental health professionals may be a bit expensive to acquire, so in turn you may choose a friend or a family member to share your challenges with.

2.It is important to understand that destinies do not follow a regular time-frame. This is to mean that as some people make it early in life, others' fortunes may be realized later on. In my view, to avoid hopelessness that is caused by comparing your lifestyle with that of your allies, you should take your own time and make peace with whatever revolves around your life. It is also very essential to live by your standards and stick to your plans until your time comes. Here, the goal is to maintain your focus.

3.Try some simple meditation. Meditation may not be as known to many, but is an essential art in paving way for peace of mind and relaxation. You may not necessarily capture the full art or how to get to your potentials but basically, you could master how to sit down freely in a silent environment and master how to breath freely, in and out. This alone can give you relaxation and in the long run, your stress levels may be under control. Tips on how to meditate are available in one of my articles; make sure to follow up for a simple guide to achieving the same.

4.Always take a break. When things get messy, you should always take a consideration to break free for a while. This may be through a vacation, which doesn't need to be fancy as long as you come out stronger and harder. Taking a break will allow you to weigh your weaknesses and know exactly where you have been missing it. Along with the said advantage, a break will also relieve you a lot of pressure and after resuming your normal routines, your spirit and determination will most likely be positive; to the right direction. A suggestion would be to take a day off, or even two to visit your parents who you can share part of your story with.

5.Follow your own timeline. Everyone, obviously creates and follows a timeline in their lives which guides them on the time some tasks have to be accomplished. It is very important to stick to your own lane, accomplish your things in your own time limit. Avoid comparing your accomplishments with those of other people and compete with yourself only. This will definitely save you irrelevant pressure.

Comment below on what other practices are good for people struggling with despair.

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