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5 Etiquette Rules That Any Modern Lady Needs to Know

Don’t be afraid to work

In this world today, it is very hard to make progress if you don’t work, at least this is one of the things every person who is dreaming to have a better life should do. A real lady never avoids physical labor, for example grand duchesses and empresses did work as sisters of mercy in hospital during war. Today we have different kinds of works even working in the garden is still good

Follow make up rules

Make up enhances the appearance, makes a lady look even more beautiful and attractive. However you must follow the rules on how to apply it for better results. For example dark eye shadow and red lipstick are a combination that you can never see on the face of a real lady. Applying both of them at the same time it’s not recommended, apply one at a time so that you just have one accent on your face

Don’t put your phone one the table in public place

This is a thing most ladies should consider especially if it is in a public place; do not place your phone on the table in places like a hotel, restaurant or even a cafe. Your phone may distract you and also remember that a phone should be a private thing, you better hide that from strangers

Don’t turn is a person doesn’t call you by your name

Some people have a habit of attracting the attention of other people they do not know about. A well mannered woman would never get to turn or distracted by such behaviors. No one should shout at you or even whistle, a real person who intends to know you will starts a conversation politely with words like “sorry” or “excuse me”

Respect yourself and your time

However the most important thing is respecting yourself and also having sometime for only yourself. For example when a guest visits you without warning, you can allow yourself to meet him in a bathrobe or curlers if may be your were sleeping or in the shower. . Wear appropriately, love yourself and have time to do things for yourself

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