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Avoid this Simple Mistakes When Constructing Your House to Prevent it From Collapsing in Future

It is always a joy of everyone to construct a house. However, we have some simple mistakes that people do which reduces the durability of a house. There are two reasons that mainly makes houses to collapse. Segregation and Bleeding. This is what happens.

Segregation is defined as the separation of constituent materials of concrete. A good concrete is one in which all the ingredients are properly mixed to make a homogenous mixture. If a sample of concrete experiences a tendency of separation, such concrete is not good for construction because its considered weak and can induce all undesirable properties. The major causes of this separation is poor proportions of the ingredients such as cement which leaves the aggregates unbind. Another is long transporting of concrete to where its needed, dropping the concrete from a very long height and vibrating the concrete for a very long time. To prevent this, simply follow correct proportion of the mixture, avoid transporting concrete for a long distance and apply the correct vibrating time.

The second factor is bleeding. Bleeding is the gaining of water on the surface of concrete. Its caused by too wet concrete due to incorrect proportion of water to the concrete mixture. Bleeding causes larger aggregates to go down the concrete and the lesser gravity mixtures such as cement paste on top of the concrete slab. This in turn leads to weak bonding between the aggregates. However, Bleeding can easily be controlled by re-vibrating the mixture. This two factors are the ones which makes building collapse with time after construction.

Don't you think this mistakes can cost somebody a fortune and even lives? Drop your comment and let's see what you have to say. Also share this information so that others can also learn from it. God bless you as you share and follow this site for the latest technologies.

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