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What Does Finger Length Say About Your Personality

Which one are you? Surely, most of our body parts display our personality in several ways. Alongside other parts are tooth gaps, the shape of the mouth, and even our Birth months.

A- The Middle Finger is Above All

People who have a ring finger that is longer than the index finger tend to be more charming and in some instances even irresistible. Often you can talk yourself out of the most tricky situations.

You can sometimes be aggressive when pushed too far, you are very competitive and are good at games and solving puzzles. People will often come to you for advice. You are wise and intelligent and love to learn new things.

B. Index Finger is Higher than Ring Finger

If your ring finger is shorter than the index fingers the likelihood is you are the no-hassle, confident type. You can be very laid back and it takes a lot to rattle you.

You are objective-driven and when you are working on something you don't want to be disturbed, you see things through to the end.

You are an ambitious go-getter and a hard worker. You can always be relied upon to help a friend in need.

C. Index and Ring Fingers are Equal

If your two fingers are of equal length you like to keep the peace and try to avoid conflicts at all costs. You are generally well organized, quiet, calm and, loyal to your Relationships with partners and friends.

Deep down you are known to have a newly unsuspected and can take people by surprise. Family and friends mean every to you and you can be very protective of them.

Examine fingers from the Left hand and shift your conversation to the comments below. Those are three personalities drawn from the day-to-day observation and examination.

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