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The Amazing Meaning Of Rasta Colors

The Rasta colors are, green, gold or yellow and red and sometimes black color is also included. Recall that, much of rastafarian belief came from the teachings of marcus carvey, so it is no surprise that they adopted the colors of his movement too. This is a sign of their total commitment to carvey's teachings, especially his back to africa idea. Here are the Rasta colors and what they mean.

1. Red color

Red color signifies the blood of those who were killed trying to rescue the black community worldwide, throughout the history.

2. Yellow or Gold

Yellow signifies the vast wealth and riches which belong to the African continent.

3. Green color

Green signifies the lushness of the Promised Land of Ethiopia.

Additionally, the black color is a direct and obvious reference to the black community which began the Rastafari movement, urging followers to reclaim their homeland of Africa.

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