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Here Are 6 Ways To Display House Plants As A Form Of Decor

Decorating with plants in our houses should be considered as a way of bringing nature near us.

Plants are available in a host of shapes, forms, colors and textures, from large leafy palms to small shapely cacti, not forgetting flowering varieties, indoor plants make versatile decorating ideas and are used by interior designers as living forms of art.

Check Out below how you can arrange them.

1.You can identify a plant place on top of a table and make it the spotlight of the space

Arrange it in an attractive vase so that it’s the visual focus on a main surface in your space, like your entry console or your coffee or dining table.

2.Beside the bed is another great place to display a plant by either hanging it or placing it low.

3.Entry way

Any greenery or plant in your entryway is sure to set a welcoming mood.

4.On the shelves

5.Window space

6.House corners


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