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The Origin of Common Phrases Like "Kwani Ni Kesho, Alaa, Kenya Sihami, Wamlambez and Nitakufinya"

Kenya has been a home of many phrases which comes and go. Different people come up with simple words which turns out to be a very important aspect of identifying a Kenyan. There have been phrase such as wamlambez, kwani ni kesho, Kenya Sihami, Alaa, sisi hatuna uwezo and many more others.

Each of the above phrase came at different circumstances addressing some group of people. For instance the phrase "Wamlambez" was first used by sailors gang on their song. The song became an anthem all over Kenya and it was like greetings to some people.[Photo Courtesy]

"Alaa" was another phrase that took Kenyans by surprise. The phrase was said by during his interview with Jeff Koinange. It gained popularity among many people expressing shock or surprise. I think this is the phrase that will live to be a history in Kenya. [Photo Courtesy]

"Kwani ni kesho" was a phrase by self proclaimed motivator Wizo Tano. The man rose into limelight after his "beef" with artist "Kaligraph" Jones. It has now become a Kenyan phrase and different groups of people are using it.

"Kenya Sihami" is a phrase that took popularity among social media participants. The phrase usually express behaviours that Kenyans depict concerning some topics. This phrase is still and will continue to be used each and every day.

"Nitakufinya" is a phrase that was started by two mem who were throwing insults to each other. The men went viral and even landed an advertising role with a company.What are the other phrases that you can add to this list?

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