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Meaning Of Mr, Mrs, RSVP, AM, PM And Other Acronyms That You May Not Know

Did you know that an abbreviation can be made from the initial letters of a word and be pronounced as a word by its own? This words are referred to acronyms for example Mr and Mrs.

Acronyms are usually used daily by people in their day to day activities for example, call for me Mr Smith. Some of this people use the acronyms appropriately but they really don't know the full meaning of these words.

In this article, I am going to share with you several commonly used acronyms and phrases, their full meaning and how or where they are used.

1. A.M & P.M

A.M and P.M are usually used when giving time using the 24 hour clock system. For example we went home at 4:00 PM.

A.M is the short form of Ante Meridiem and means the morning hours while P.M is the short form of Post Meridiem and means evening hours.

2. E.g

E.g is used in a sentence where several items or examples are being stated and is used before listing the examples.

For example, I collected some fruits from the garden e.g pawpaws, lemons and oranges.

E.g is the short form of "Example Given"

3. Etc

You must have noticed that after stating several examples the word ETC follows.

Etc is the short form of a Latin word "et cetera" which in English means others of the same kind.

4. R.S.V.P

This is an acronym that many people use mostly in ceremony invitation letters but they don't know it's meaning.

It is the short form of French word "responses s'il vous plait" and the English meaning is " Please Reply".

5. SIM card

This acronym is commonly used by mobile phone users. It is the short form of Subscriber Identity Module.

6. SMS

One day you must have said make sure you send me an SMS referring to a text message.

SMS stands for Short Message Service

7. PIN

PIN is usually used to ensure that information or document cannot be accesed by unauthorized people.

PIN is the short form of Personal Identification Number

8. MR & MRS

This acronym is also used mostly in ceremony invitation letters or also when referring to people and they help one make a difference between Male and Female.

MR is the short form of the word "Mature Responsible" and MRS is the short form of the word "Mature Responsible and Submissive".

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