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What The Length Of Your Fingers Say About Your Behavior

Studies have come up with a good unique way of determining one's behavior. The unique way is by looking at the fingers. The length of your fingers can reveal the secrets about your personality. If you doubt it, confirm it with your siblings, friends and everyone else you know. What to do is to just straighten your left hand and check what it says about your personality in the list below.

1. Ring finger longer than the index finger- In this, the ring finger is longer than the index finger. People with this type of hand have a very charming personality. They are given alot of importance wherever they go. People will always want to communicate with them all the time. These are also agressive and short-tempered too. These fingers also symbolize they are paid handsomely in whatever job they do.

2. Index finger longer than the ring finger-People with this type of fingers are always leaders. They learn new things quickly and do not keep the knowledge to themselves. They keep sharing it with other people and guiding them to the right path. People with this type of fingers are also short-tempered and it takes long to be normal once their anger is flared. People with this type of fingers are mostly politicians and lecturers because of their attitude of influencing people with new ideas and thoughts.

3. The length of both the index finger and the ring finger are the same-People with this type of hand are very approachable and also have good communication skills. People will always want to share their secrets with them because of their attitude and the suggestions they give are always good to follow. They have a very warm, peaceful and compassionate personality which makes people draw closer to them. They also think well before making their decisions.

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