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11 Unique and innovative dinning set designs for your home

Everyday carpenters and other furniture designers come up with different, unique and tasteful for their customers, we are left to wonder at these ingenious pieces. The goal behind this is to make unique furniture that would satisfy the owners and also innovate something different that would be beautiful, practical and functional in the home. We are going to discuss some of these clever, thought out masterpieces that we would want in our homes.

A traditional dining table is made from pure wood, but one can add a glass on the surface to give it a flare.

This particular dining set has the table modelled from marble. This brings a sophisticated love into the home. It's tastefully made with upholstered chairs.

This is a space saver dining set for four people. It's hollow inside and can act as a storage unit for other stuff around the home.

This set has clusters of standing tables that can be separated and grouped back together. When dismantled can accommodate very many people and after the meal is done they can put it back together.

This clover dark green velvet dining set has defining features such as the bench and one with a backrest. It has aesthetic features and metal pointed ends on the legs.

This dining table is next level creation. It's extensible when it is spun around to accommodate more people at the table. It's useful for when holding large dinner parties in a small home.

This luxurious and we'll sculpted table is for those fancy and flashy people who love furniture made from glass. The metallic edges shows the craftsman ship that is highly appreciated.

This piece has a lime marble for the surface. The set is an ensemble that is compact with chairs that can be pulled from under it and returned after the meal. It's a space saver especially if it's placed in the kitchen.

This unique set has 3-legged tuft upholstered chairs with a marble table.

The high set chairs are part of a compact dinner set holding six seats. The chairs are comfortable during a meal and not too high.

This is a multi purpose set of tables for many uses. The first use they can be stand also be used as a stand alone accommodating three people. Grouping them can create one big dining set table of mathematical shapes from a square , rhombus , trapezium and polygons. One can also be a desk for working from home.

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